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rebreather scuba toys evolution diving resort malapascuaEvolution has a whole range of toys and training for divers of any background to choose from; even for non divers who want to give some bubble making action a go, we can make it happen with a Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) half day trial.

Ever wanted to try some different dive equipment a go to see what really suits you? Well you’re more than welcome to choose from our arsenal of boys toys.

If you’ve spent all your diving history in standard jacket style BCD’s, why not branch out and try a backplate wing. The distribution of weight and the bladder enforces good trim and makes your diving that bit more easy.

If you’ve spent your time wondering what these short fins you see a majority instructors using, then wonder no more and try them. With our selection of different stiff fins to choose from, from Apeks, Scubapro or Aquamundo, they all have different traits and weights to suit the individual diver. These fins give you much more power along with a greater ability to manoeuvre in the water.

If you’re wanting to play with the really big dogs then we can even cater for CCR (closed circuit rebreather) try dives, and of course the full course is available as well. Other configurations and training courses available comprise of a list ranging from open circuit tech, Sidemount and even DPV (diver propulsion vehicles.)

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