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Any excuse to read with Kids!

evolution resort staff kids reading

March 1st was payday just like every 1st of the month, and we had noticed that many of the staff often bring their kids with them when they come to pick up their paycheck.

So what better opportunity to get out some of the books from the Kids’ Book Club and have a little reading session? Our KBC coordinator Wilma, guided the kids of many staff members through “Tiddler – the story telling fish”, the story of an imaginative fish who’s always late for school. A great story everyone can relate to, that gets the imagination going even in us oldies!

It’s great to see the kids enjoying and following along, and even better to see the parents getting invovled to encourage their kids. Even Capt Rolly braved a predominantly female event to see how he could get involved.

Thanks everyone for your support and until next payday!

kids reading evolution dive resort

staff kids book club evolution dive resort

kids reading evolution dive resort

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