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Every dive is a clean up dive

  Just as the title says we see every dive as a clean up dive, [...]

2019 Truk Lagoon Expedition

Feeling a bit ‘rusty’? We are too, and that’s why in May 2019 we are [...]

Creature Feature: The Frogfish

If you can spot them, frogfish are among the weirder creatures you can see at [...]

Evolution’s Nudi Photos

NO not those kind of nudi photos… Of course. Malapascua is famous for thresher shark [...]

The Evolution of Monad Shoal

I have been diving Monad Shoal for the last 4 years, logging hundreds of dives [...]

Recycle and Reuse!

At home it might seem so obvious to grab a glass of water from the [...]

Spring is in the Air

The water is getting warmer, the visibility is increasing and the dive site crowds are [...]

Creature Feature: The Spiny Devilfish

As you are no doubt aware, there are many wondrous beings inhabiting the azure tropical [...]

On the road to Victory!

Anyone who has visited the Philippines is probably aware of this island nations love for [...]

It’s not a job, it’s an adventure!

The Evolution dive team love nothing more than introducing people to the diversity of Malapascua’s [...]

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