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Diving the Doña Marilyn Wreck

dona marilyn wreck malapascua philippines

The Doña Marilyn is a huge shipwreck measuring 97.6m in length and laying a 1 and a half hour trip from Evolution. This Japanese built ship was a cargo and passenger vessel that met its fate on the 23rd of October, 1988 when it tried to outrun but was unfortunately sunk by Typhoon Ruby (Unsang). The vessel was headed to Tacloban but unfortunately never arrived.

dona marilyn wreck dive malapascua philippinesThis ship now is sat at around 30m on its starboard side and is surprisingly very intact, making it a perfect diving spot without having to travel too far. We regularly run trips to explore this mysterious wreck which holds some stunning life. With beautiful growth on the top of the wreck at around 18m, and incredible life on it ranging from Scorpion fish, to Nudibranchs and occasionally a variety of the ray family cruising past, all of which contributes to an awesome dive.

dona marilyn scuba diving wreck malapascua philippines

The dive itself is perfect for anyone doing their Advanced Open Water (AOW) course, or anyone currently holding this certification just wanting to do fun dives. As well as anyone doing their PADI Wreck Diver Specialty, or even TDI Advanced Wreck as the wreck is fully penetrable.

A site to behold, and a definite must do on your visit to Malapascua.

Recycle and Reuse!

recycle and reuse malapascua philippines evolution diving resort

At home it might seem so obvious to grab a glass of water from the tap and then pop that glass in the dish washer without needing to worry about it. But what happens when you suddenly need to buy a bottle of water every time you get thirsty?

To begin with you might not think too much about it, but suddenly you have five empty bottles spread around your room and you have to wonder “How did it end up like this? Where do all these bottles come from?” Of course, we go and recycle them, but that doesn’t change the fact they have to be produced and therefore leave a carbon footprint.

As ecotourism grows bigger and bigger, more and more people are becoming aware of how to minimize our carbon footprint, and one of the easiest ways of doing this is to get your own reusable water bottle for your stay at Evolution. It’s a lot more durable and we have a wide selection of different sizes, colours, shapes and feature. On top of that a lot of hotels and restaurants have started allowing guests to use refillable water bottles, so you can make use of your bottle elsewhere on your travels.

At Evolution, we save an estimated of 18,000 bottles every year by using reusable water containers in our rooms, so imagine how many bottles we would save if everyone had their own reusable bottle! 

With the world already producing more than 300 million tons of plastic every year, and plastic stands for 10% of all generated waste, we really do not need to produce more, especially since 8 million tons of that ends up in the oceans every year. The average American uses 167 plastic bottles per year; imagine replacing those 167 bottles with just one bottle,  and doing it for everyone!

So let’s all put a tiny effort in and help Mother Nature get waste-free, get your own reusable bottle and bring it along!

Check out just some of Evolution’s efforts to help the environment here

Malapascua Underwater Cleanup March 2017

malapascua underwater clean up dive march 2017Once again Evolution staff and fun divers embarked on another session to help keep our local underwater environment, clean, and as trash-free as possible.

With staff and our fun divers totaling 8 divers in the water, we were able to cover both the dive sites we normally clean, Light house and Los bamboos

After one hour in the water our 8 divers together managed to pick up around 5 kg of trash. This is still less then we would have collected months ago but more then we had hoped to. What we collected remains the same, sachets, plastic fragments and a lot of fishing lines. Though we also had some fun and weird finds such as fuel tank and 3 pair of sunglasses!

We have to keep helping the ocean to stay without to much trash and we will continue doing so, to be able to get more joy out of our daily dives at these sites.

We are also very aware that the problem starts somewhere, and its on land. We keep using as little plastic as possible and keep spreading the word to the locals and the rest of the island, to reduce the use of plastic and help our ocean.

Spring is in the Air

evolution diving resort malpascua philippines

The water is getting warmer, the visibility is increasing and the dive site crowds are thinning – this can mean only one thing……SPRING IS COMING!

Everybody loves this time of year, and there is no better place to enjoy it than sun-drenched, blue-skied Malapascua in the months of March to May. Weeks on end of cloudless blue skies coupled with great conditions underwater make this an ideal time to plan your getaway to the Philippines.

Conditions on the surface are perfect for sunbathing on your surface interval, but bring sunscreen and a hat as it can get scorching. At this time of year, day trips to macro-abundant Gato Island, and the perfectly picturesque Kalanggaman Island are a must; the flat seas and azure skies are the perfect backdrop to your jealousy-inducing Instagram masterpieces!

The perfection continues underwater – great visibility means that the pelagics and the macro critters that thrive at this time of the year are easy to spot, and much easier to photograph. These months also bring toasty water temperatures – you can leave the 5mm wetsuit at home and still maximise your bottom time on our reefs and wrecks!

After your action packed day of diving head back to happy hour at the Craic House. Grab a cocktail of your choosing and enjoy the warm breeze from the comfort of a hammock, or swap thresher stories in the bar over a couple of frosty San Miguels – the perfect end to a perfect day!

Great flight deals are available with a bit of searching, and of course contact us here at Evolution for our best room rates!

All the Toys, all the time. Want to come and Play?

rebreather scuba toys evolution diving resort malapascuaEvolution has a whole range of toys and training for divers of any background to choose from; even for non divers who want to give some bubble making action a go, we can make it happen with a Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) half day trial.

Ever wanted to try some different dive equipment a go to see what really suits you? Well you’re more than welcome to choose from our arsenal of boys toys.

If you’ve spent all your diving history in standard jacket style BCD’s, why not branch out and try a backplate wing. The distribution of weight and the bladder enforces good trim and makes your diving that bit more easy.

If you’ve spent your time wondering what these short fins you see a majority instructors using, then wonder no more and try them. With our selection of different stiff fins to choose from, from Apeks, Scubapro or Aquamundo, they all have different traits and weights to suit the individual diver. These fins give you much more power along with a greater ability to manoeuvre in the water.

If you’re wanting to play with the really big dogs then we can even cater for CCR (closed circuit rebreather) try dives, and of course the full course is available as well. Other configurations and training courses available comprise of a list ranging from open circuit tech, Sidemount and even DPV (diver propulsion vehicles.)

Contact us now for any further enquiries on info@evolution.com.ph

diver propulsion vehicles evolution diving malapascua

rebreather diving philippines evolution dive resort malapascua

Taking out the Trash at Los Bamboos

ocean clean up malapascua

Recently Evolution embarked on another successful underwater cleanup at our site that is Los Bamboos, or recently renamed Pipefish Bay. Our squadron of 4 roamed the site at different designated depths in buddy pairs, accumulating a total sum of 3 bags of rubbish. Unfortunately it has been a little while as we have been busy but we are back with a vengeance!

We take pride in our eco friendly dive practices as well as contributing to clean ups, and delivering data collection in several areas including the monitoring of Malapascua’s famous Thresher shark encounters.

The sheer quantity of rubbish in the ocean is reflective in sites such as this that are regularly cleaned, but always seem to continue gathering plastic from the ocean. A clear message for everyone – please stay green and properly dispose of waste and reduce the consumption of disposable items!

ocean clean up malapascua philippines evolution diving resort