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Employee of the month Feb 2017


evolution diving resort employee of the month february 2017

Over the years Evolution has always tried to offer good feedback to our staff based on their performance, and guest feedback. We very much feel that the team is the heart and soul of the operation, and everyone involved deserves to be praised when they do well.

We have had Employee of the Month programs in various forms under different managers, ranging from a staff voting system to management lead. We are now trying to take into account everyones opinions, so please feel free to let management or even just the reception know if you’d like to give great feedback on a member of staff who made your trip all the more memorable. They might be the next employee of the month!

February’s Employee of the Month is Isagani Abejay, or just Gani to his friends and colleagues. Gani is one of the hidden figures without whom your diving could not take place. He’s the compressor guy, filling tanks late into the night and making sure all the rental gear is working well. He’s been recognised by fellow staff and management as a really hard worker and wiling to help in any way he can.

Well done Gani, and thanks from us all for your hard work.

Any excuse to read with Kids!

evolution resort staff kids reading

March 1st was payday just like every 1st of the month, and we had noticed that many of the staff often bring their kids with them when they come to pick up their paycheck.

So what better opportunity to get out some of the books from the Kids’ Book Club and have a little reading session? Our KBC coordinator Wilma, guided the kids of many staff members through “Tiddler – the story telling fish”, the story of an imaginative fish who’s always late for school. A great story everyone can relate to, that gets the imagination going even in us oldies!

It’s great to see the kids enjoying and following along, and even better to see the parents getting invovled to encourage their kids. Even Capt Rolly braved a predominantly female event to see how he could get involved.

Thanks everyone for your support and until next payday!

kids reading evolution dive resort

staff kids book club evolution dive resort

kids reading evolution dive resort

COTS clean up February 2017


crown of thorns starfish malapascua philippines

COTs is what we call Crown of Thorns starfish living in the ocean. These creatures belong in the family of sea stars and are really bad for the reef. They actually eat corals and as you can imagine this is bad for the reef, and all it’s inhabitants.

The COTs eat mainly hard corals and polyps on the reef. They do this by inverting their stomach inside out so that the acid from the stomach is straight on the corals and that dissolves the polyps and leaves their “track” of white dead corals behind them which is easily visible to divers. They can eat up to six square meters of coral per year!

crown of thorns starfish philippines

COTs have natural predators such as Titan trigger fish, Triton Shells and Puffer fishes. But sometimes they cant keep the population of the starfish under control, especially if their numbers have been reduced due to fishing, or collection for souvenirs in the case of the Triton shells.

So a few weeks ago when we discovered a cluster of COTs out at Monad shoal and we knew we should do something about it. When we had some staff available we decided to go hunting, we picked them up with bamboo sticks and then put them in big net bags underwater. We are then able to remove them from the water and make compost. Hopefully this will help to keep the population under control and avoid the reef becoming damaged.

The team that went included Seb, Alex, Joshua and Dannie and between them they were able to collect almost 100 COTs

malapascua crown of thorns starfish


The Kids’ Book Club : update

evolution kids book club malapascua island

The Kids’ Book Club is in full swing, and so far in 2017 we have made several trips to the school and been greatly encouraged by everyone’s support.

This month Neal and Kim Leggo came to visit and brought with them a full 16 book set of “Winnie the Pooh, Storybook Collection”, as well as a few copies of other books on our list.

Neal and Kim also took the time to go to the school and take part in one of the reading sessions along with Instructor Seb and our “KBC co-ordinator” Wilma, who also works in the reception.

Watch this space for the Evolution Staff kids reading session coming soon, and be sure to bookmark our Kids’ Book Club page where you’ll find our updated list of books and how you can help.

Thanks again to Neal and Kim and everyone else who’s been showing their support.

evolution diving resort kids book club malapascua


cig the cigarette butt turtle

Malapascua has one of the nicest beaches in Asia and we are very proud of the pristine white sands. framed by coconut trees that look like green exploding fireworks.

Sadly not every one agrees and more people then you would ever believe still think perfect white sand makes a perfect natural ashtray. We are always picking up cigarette butts and cleaning up but the next day they are there again.

However we are not the only ones. Pictured here is Cig, a turtle made from butts picked up in just one afternoon on a beach in Florida. Come on Homo Sapiens, lets keep our beaches butt free!

A Big Week for our Tech Students


tech diving malapascua

This week while our fun divers have been busy diving with Thresher Sharks and visiting the great sites of Malapascua, a few brave souls opted to enrol in some ‘life altering’ technical dive courses. Evolution is renowned for its high level of technical instruction, thanks to the fact that we are out there every day doing the dives and striving to improve. So its little wonder we had SIX students in the mix at the same time ready for some great challenges.

CCR aficionado Patrick from Switzerland was back again for his TDI Pelagian CCR Trimix class with Matt. The pair did some interesting dives to 60m and Patrick’s helium bill ended up as next to nothing thanks to there being almost zero waste every time he exhales.

At the same time Steffen from Germany and Evolution stalwart Nick from New Zealand took on the challenges of Open Circuit TDI Trimix with David. The team also explored up to 60m but this time the Helium bill added up to a little more.

Finally we had Katherine from Australia, Andrew from Singapore and Henry from the UK being put through the Dannie meat grinder as they completed TDI’s Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures course combo.

All students passed with flying colours and can feel proud of their achievements and new diving abilities.

technical diving malapascua

Next up is Jesper from Denmark who has been patiently watching as the triumphant divers returned each day from their dives.

For more info on our technical dive courses contact us on info@evolution.com.ph