Buying New Dive Gear with the Environment in mind

evolution dive resort malapascua dive lights

Everyone loves shopping for new dive gear, and we at Evolution we are no strangers to this enjoyable activity. So we had fun recently adding new dive lights to our inventory for guest rental.

We have had various types of feedback on our rental lights over the years, so with the improvements in battery and bulb technology recently we took all of this into account. The result is much smaller lights, which are brighter, and last longer, than the sturdy old ones our guests are used to.

But the best part of all is that these lights use rechargeable batteries, so they fit very well with our ethos of environmentally sustainable diving practices. We have spare batteries, to make sure the lights are always available and powered up, so just let us know if you’d like to rent a light for your night dive or swimming through the Gato Island tunnel.

rechargeable dive lights evolution dive resort malapascua philippines

In addition to our efforts, we are encouraging all out guests to bring home their used batteries. Somehow it has become standard practice for people to leave behind used batteries when on holiday, so they don’t have to carry them back home. But this is a dangerously flawed logic, as countries such as the Philippines do not really provide quality recycling for things like batteries. But in most countries in Europe, or the USA or Australia they have facilities which can handle the correct methods to recycle batteries.

So, please, get rechargeable batteries for your devices, and if not, then don’t leave your used batteries to become someone else’s problem!

dive light batteries notice evolution diving resort philippines

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