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Congrats to Gino – Newest member of the Evolution Instructor Team

Profile: Gino H. Pelayo, PADI OWSI 444888 The newest member of the Evolution Instructor Team [...]

Diving into the Future

Here at Evolution, we of course encourage everyone to explore the magical waters surrounding Malapascua. [...]

Every dive is a clean up dive

  Just as the title says we see every dive as a clean up dive, [...]

Devil Rays a plenty!

A spate of recent devil ray sightings gives divers even more reason to wake up [...]

Meet the Fleet: Darwin’s Legacy Lives on in Malapascua

Along with The Haldane, The Beagle is Evolution’s other beautiful pump boat. The name The [...]

Meet the Fleet: The Haldane Reigns!

As one of our two larger boats, The Haldane is a beauty to behold. Out [...]

Recharge on your holiday and help the environment

As a committed Green Fins member, we have for a long time offered to collect [...]

Keeping our oceans clean!

On June 18th staff and guests were busy doing an Ocean Clean Up again. This [...]

Los Bamboos Dive Site Cleanup

Its been a little while since our last underwater clean up. With Christmas and Chinese [...]

The Mindfulness Movement at Evolution

Did you know that diving, and specifically technical diving, can offer some of the most [...]

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