The Kids’ Book Club returns!

childrens book club evolution diving resort

The other day some of Evolution’s staff headed back to Malapascua’s primary school for another reading session and on today’s agenda was a well received ‘The Lion Inside’. Divemaster in training Piper came and read to the children aged 7, with long term accountant Wilma translating to help the children fully understand and expand their English vocabulary. Piper elaborately shared the story of a small mouse wanting to become bigger, and by meeting a lion and being taught how to roar helped him to do so! Even Evolution’s full time Divemaster Gino’s daughter was in the class enjoying story time.

Evolution provides reading sessions frequently to the children of Malapascua in the school but also adventuring to the north of the island to the village of Guimbantayan. Once in a blue moon staff working for the resort bring their children in for a reading session with trained teacher Wilma.

If you want to contribute, book donations are always appreciated, and when you stay with us please inquire about our next organised visit! We always enjoy guests attending and love for first language English speakers to read for the children.

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