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Diver Propulsion Vehicle Class

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Mark and Jess recently visited from Singapore and did a TDI Sidemount class with Dannie, and then topped off their trip with the DPV class with Matt.

Diver Propulsion Vehicles are becoming more and more popular, and as the technology improves they become lighter, faster, and can go further and deeper.

If you have your basic dive skills of neutral buoyancy mastered then moving on to using the DPV or “scooter” is not too challenging, and as you can see from the video, Mark and Jess quickly picked up some tricks and stunts.

Even from behind the regulator it’s clear to see the smiles of these guys, and even their instructor Matt, having a fun time doing loop-de-loops!

For more information on DPV and other fun classes just email us on info@evolution.com.ph

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