Earth Day 2017

earth day 2017 philippines

Every year the 22nd of April is Earth day. This is a day where we give back to earth what it gives us everyday – protection and a chance of life.

This year we contributed in two very different ways:

First of all, as we try and do often – ocean clean up. We sent our staff that was not already busy diving, out to do a clean up. After an hour dive the group managed to collect about 5kg of trash. We went back to one of the sites we progressively try and keep clean. We have chosen this site because its so exposed to trash from the mainland and the local fishing village next to it. One thing we are sure about here, is that the clean ups are helping and we see less and less trash. We will keep doing our part as long as we need and hope one day trash will no longer end up in the ocean.

Secondly the Reed family and Ophelia Bohannon got together and brought vets to the island. They have together donated spay and neuters for cats and dogs together with rabies vaccines and de-worming. Lots of the local community took advantages and brought their pets to the event. The nearest vet is located on the mainland of Cebu about an hour away. So by bringing vets to the island, more animal have gotten attention and more help then they would otherwise. Hopefully this can help to healthier animals on the island and less stray cats and dogs.

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