A good way to remember a good course! 

A good way to remember a good scuba diving course

In the start of November, a mutual friend of Manager Nick, named Joff, came to the resort with a umm .. spritely and humorous character one could say. Joff and his friend Gabi stayed with us for 10 days and left with more than just stories to tell.

After Joff smashed his open water course with flying colours, like a true ex-Paratrooper would, it was time to take a break from the diving and celebrate with a few drinks, which escalated to say the least. Beginning with the casual cheers and congratulations, clunking of some frosty bevvies  in The Craic House, soon followed by our traditional certification Chilli Bomb. A couple of beers became a few, a few became lots..and tequila too. Where will the story go now you may ask?

Well, in the true Movember spirit, Joff got all excited and ran off to get his electric razor to see what damage he could do to people’s integrity in a slightly intoxicated state. It began with Steve, a freelance instructor on the island, as his first victim. He began the night with a mighty face full of hair unknowingly aware of how it would end, and was soon there getting his facial hair clipped much like his Scottish ancestors would clip their sheep. Up until the end of the month the champ did nothing but embrace it, and went all in on the handle bars look. 

But oh no, it wasn’t over yet.  Soon the offer was given by Gabi, “Seb, if I shave the back and sides, will you shave your whole head?” I’m sure it was to some extent some beer infused thoughts, and also the fact a hair cut was needed, but without much hesitation agreed. And then the shearing began. Originally agreeing on the guard being left on the longest setting, but only finding out once the deed was done that the guard was removed. 

And it was done. Seb was bald. And distraught. And now had hair in his bangers and mash. 

In hope to cheer Seb up, Joff in his drunken state offered to get his name tattooed on his foot. The following morning when all was forgotten and only shaved heads remained, Joff reminded us of his promise to Seb the previous evening and that lunch time fulfilled his offer. Bravo to you big man. Slightly disappointed he rejected the offer to eat his Instructor’s PADI number too though.

Joff then went on to excel in his Advanced Open Water and then to celebrate his birthday in the true Malapascua style, DISCO DISCO! Soon after Gabi and Joff’s time had come to an end, but Joff was soon to return with 3 of his mates from England who completed their refresher and also went on to complete their Advanced Open Water.

After having such an awesome time and an evidently life changing experience, the departure was sad, but the boys only went on to collectively get Scuba Diver tattoos on their feet too (in perfect trim I may add). Well done boys.

Unfortunately all good things must come to end, but tattoos stay forever. Hehe. 

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