Malapascua Underwater Cleanup March 2017

malapascua underwater clean up dive march 2017

With staff and our fun divers totaling 8 divers in the water, we were able to cover both the dive sites we normally clean, Light house and Los bamboos

After one hour in the water our 8 divers together managed to pick up around 5 kg of trash. This is still less then we would have collected months ago but more then we had hoped to. What we collected remains the same, sachets, plastic fragments and a lot of fishing lines. Though we also had some fun and weird finds such as fuel tank and 3 pair of sunglasses!

We have to keep helping the ocean to stay without to much trash and we will continue doing so, to be able to get more joy out of our daily dives at these sites.

We are also very aware that the problem starts somewhere, and its on land. We keep using as little plastic as possible and keep spreading the word to the locals and the rest of the island, to reduce the use of plastic and help our ocean.

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