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The Gene Pool

The Gene Pool is our way of helping you evolve. Here we post links to some files that can help your trip run more smoothly, our check in forms and forms related to diving and dive courses. We also want to share with you interesting reading material for different levels of diving, so scroll down and see if there’s anything in your area of interest. If you want to suggest things you thin we could add here then feel free to email us and we are always happy to consider suggestions. And keep checking back here for our updates!

Evolution Paperwork

We’re working on it

Diving Paperwork

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Articles of Interest


Skills OW Students must perform 1

Skills OW Students must perform 2

Skills OW Students must perform 3

Skills OW Students must perform 4

Skills OW Students must perform 5

The basic skills for diving. watch out for Evolution’s own version coming soon.


Ready to switch from Auto to Manual? Read this

Wetpixel Forum

Got a problem? Need a question asnwered? Ask the masses

Marine Life

Mantis Shrimp – Fastest Strike in the Animal Kingdom

A fascinating talk by Biologist Sheila Patek

Evolution and Swimming with Sunfish

Marine Biologist Tierney Thys on the beguiling Mola Mola

Cephlapod Magic

Ocean Explorer David Gallo shows astonishing footage of Cephlapods ability to change colour


We’re working on it

Decompression & Trimix

  • Deep stops Richard Pyle – The original article by Richard Pyle that discusses how he started doing deep stops and how it effects nitrogen elimination. [download]
  • Deep stops Erik Baker – A more detailed look at what Richard Pyle started with. [download]
  • Understanding M-values Erik Baker – Discussed at Divemaster level theory but rarely understood properly even by most instructors. M values are the core of decompression theory and our dive safety. [download]
  • Gradient Factors – A fairly recent introduction into tech diving which allows us to add conservatism to the M-values. [download]
  • Oxygen Window – Often discussed, and often confused…get the truth about the oxygen window.  [download]
  • DIR Deco Theory by George Irvine the third – The controversial but accomplished WKPP director discusses some of his thoughts on deco theory, including why we use 100% oxygen and not 80% for deco. [download]


Sensors in CCR Diving – The weak link of a rebreather is the oxygen sensor…how much do you know about yours? [download]
Oxygen Toxicity and CCR diving – Some interesting points about choosing your set point and doing deco dives on a closed circuit rebreather.

Our Favorite Sites on the Net

scubazoo.com – The best underwater photo and video guys on the planet!

Ted.Com – Big Ideas in small presentations

Underwater Photography Guide – great, practical and easy to use from beginner to expert

The Darwin Awards – People who aren’t evolving

Liquid Dumaguete – Great dive team and friendly resort in Dumaguete

Crossfit – Forging Elite Fitness

Ask the Scuba Doc – learn more about diving medicine.

Scubaboard – all things diving, forums, information, photography.

Richard Dawkins – you’ve heard him talk about Evolution – he really loves us!

Submariner Diving El Nido – The same ethos as us in a different location.

The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online – although Evolution was founded by Matt and David this guy likes to take the credit. Read it here.

Dr Klaus Stiefel – Author of Sex, Drugs and Scuba Diving, and a good friend of Evolution.

http://www.nudi.com.sg/ – Nudibranch inspired flip-flops! 10% of proceeds go to The Reef World Foundation.