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Once upon a time some men came up with an awesome idea= “Lets grow moustaches!”… But everyone kept asking why?? Therefore they had to come up with a good reason to have so much facial hair.

Since it was mainly women who complained, they had to come up with an idea which only would benefit them. It was decreed that men all over the globe would start supporting men’s health – simply by doing what (most) women can’t do – grow a moustache!

What better month to do it in than November? The name Movember simple comes from a portmanteau between moustache and November!

The Movember movement only began in 2004, when a NGO (Non-government organization) was formed, which in the last 10 years has raised more than 174-millions dollars. Further more, in 2012 the Movember NGO was listed as one of the top 100 NGO’s in the world – by Global Journal.

In an effort to raise awareness and promote men’s health on Malapascua itself, we here at Evolution are doing our part, letting the ‘taches grow & the guys are looking fabulous!

Come on down and marvel at the glorious facial pieces; if you are feeling generous, please help us help the locals… Depending on how much we raise will determine what what can be achieved.

You can donate by sending an email to; and get the paypal account details. Or if you are on the island, cash to reception.

We welcome you to join in the fun, channel your inner Tom Selleck & rock the month’s hottest look!

Join us at Evolution for the tropical scuba holiday of a lifetime!

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