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Never Stop Cleaning!

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Yesterday the 22nd of October we sent three of our DM’s and few other certified staff divers for yet another reef clean up dive. We went to a dive site that has not been cleaned before, and also happens to be heavily used for training, because of the shallow water, and being on a quite sheltered side of the island.

Knowing we had strong wind coming off the mainland for the past week, we where expecting more trash than we normally would, but our divers came back on the boat after an hour, and were happy to report back that they did not find as much trash as expected. That being said, we still collected about 5kg of trash, which is more than we would like to see on any dive site.

Huge thanks to our staff for making time to help clean up our precious dive sites. It’s always great when our staff decide to go out and make a difference to the place we call our office. Kudos!

reef cleaning malapascua philippines

reef cleaning malapascua philippines

reef cleaning malapascua philippines

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