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The Philippines is famous for many good reasons – amazing beaches, amazing diving, amazing selfie obsessed people and not least a national obsession with videoke. Whether you are a budding balladeer or a tone deaf tenor you will find people enthusiastically singing or screeching in every nook and cranny across the country. And Malapascua is no exception.

With our recent Fiesta having just been and gone and quickly followed by our big staff party videoke has been a popular pursuit of late. You can probably spot some of your favourite dive staff in the photos. If you ever get the chance to join the locals do not miss the opportunity, it is a very serious pastime but not one where the vocally challenged are judged or derided.

So here are some top tips for enjoying videoke in the Philippines

  1. Don’t be self conscious – being utterly woeful at singing has NEVER stopped anyone from doing their best Freddy Mercury impression. Ahem.
  2. Seek help – every group has their Pavarotti and often videokes have two live mics so enlist the best back up singer you can.
  3. Judge the mood. Are you with a group of gals trying to cheer up their recently single friend? Think George Michael. Are you drinking a few grande beers with the lads? Bon Jovi all night!
  4. Don’t be afraid to be impulsive. Searching through the catalogue can get increasingly more difficult as the night goes on so if you see a song you like just do it. As the night goes on no one cares!
  5. Try and enjoy your companions and avoid being mesmerised by the out of sync random Korean boy and girl bands dancing to your tune.
  6. If a room is designed for 6 cram at least 15 in there and enjoy the party.
  7. Try your hand at rapping. Some songs have cheesy bridges with no vocals so let forth your inner Snoop.
  8. Avoid videoke’s that are open air or have windows because that is how your wife will find you at midnight. Right Joshua?

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