The Sounds of the Craic House

sounds of the craic house evolution diving resort

Along with some fantastic food, the renowned Falafel, and friendly service, the Craic House also takes great pride in the selection and quality of music to sooth and entertain valued guests . The owners, Matt and David, and manager Nick all have a background in TV  and music production so of course it was inevitable to have only the highest quality sound system, and tunes of the highest grade coming through them.

Variety is key, and there’s plenty of that, and much of the music won’t be found elsewhere on the island. There’s all kinds of music to suit for all kinds of moods, whether or not you’re an acoustic lover, into a bit of UK underground music, or even extend as far as some Irish jigs coming from the Irish owners background in the theme of the Craic House.

It’s breakfast time? Let’s keep it ambient, calm and chilled with favourites in the am hours being some of that from The Cinematic Orchestra, Jose Gonzalez and Bon Iver, and maybe if you’re lucky some classical music slipping out here and there.

Lunch o’clock? Maybe time time to step it up but still keeping the low key vibes and introducing some Bonobo into the hour, maybe The XX or if the mood suffices even some Reggae.

And then for the personal favourite when happy hour approaches, when sometimes the music takes an enthusiastic turn into some Hip Hop and Drum and Bass. Hip Hop has been around longer than some may think, with its progression branching in many directions which you can find a large variety of coming through the speakers in the bar. Even the locals deter from their standard preferred selection of the Cha-cha and Filipino EDM and appreciate the sounds of Blackalicious and even Roots Manuva. From there the only way is up, moving into the slightly more up tempo sounds of the old school rolling Drum and Bass from Roni Size, and potentially evolving in to atmospheric Garage style from MJ Cole. 

Come down to Evolution, enjoy a cold one at the bar, indulge in the best music Malapascua has to offer and have a chat to our staff, many of whom are very enthusiastic about the music being played here.  From Led Zeppelin too The Toots and the Maytals, and from The Fugees too The Kings of Leon, it’s all going down in Craic town.

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