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Every dive is a clean up dive

  Just as the title says we see every dive as a clean up dive, [...]

Recharge on your holiday and help the environment

As a committed Green Fins member, we have for a long time offered to collect [...]

Saving the reef from being eaten!

It’s a sad fact we’re becoming more and more aware of, that human activity has [...]

Another Environmental Award for Evolution

Over the past weekend thousands of divers converged in Singapore for Asia’s biggest dive expo [...]

Los Bamboos Dive Site Cleanup

Its been a little while since our last underwater clean up. With Christmas and Chinese [...]

Never Stop Cleaning!

Yesterday the 22nd of October we sent three of our DM’s and few other certified staff [...]

One small step for Man, one giant leap for Thresher Sharks

One year ago today our beloved Thresher Sharks were moved to Appendix II by the Convention [...]

International Coastal Cleanup Day 2017

Trash from land will be carried into the ocean with the wind. In the ocean [...]

World Ocean Day 2017 – Beach & Reef Cleanup

Every year, the 8th of June is World Ocean Day, when we all do a [...]

Help Protect Seahorses!

On the 7th of April we posted a blog about how awesome seahorses are, here [...]

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