Taking out the Trash at Los Bamboos

ocean clean up malapascua

ocean clean up malapascua

Recently Evolution embarked on another successful underwater cleanup at our site that is Los Bamboos, or recently renamed Pipefish Bay. Our squadron of 4 roamed the site at different designated depths in buddy pairs, accumulating a total sum of 3 bags of rubbish. Unfortunately it has been a little while as we have been busy but we are back with a vengeance!

We take pride in our eco friendly dive practices as well as contributing to clean ups, and delivering data collection in several areas including the monitoring of Malapascua’s famous Thresher shark encounters.

The sheer quantity of rubbish in the ocean is reflective in sites such as this that are regularly cleaned, but always seem to continue gathering plastic from the ocean. A clear message for everyone – please stay green and properly dispose of waste and reduce the consumption of disposable items!

ocean clean up malapascua philippines evolution diving resort


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