The benefits of using a dive computer

benefits of using a dive computer evolution diving resort

If you don’t currently dive with a computer, you may have noticed many do, and there’s a reason why!

Coming in all varieties of size, colour, displays and specifications suited for your level of diving, there’s a perfect computer for everyone and maybe more affordable than you think. From glamorous small face computers which have the added benefit of doubling up as a casual watch, making it more than convenient for holidays; or the large face computer option which has a large and easily readable display for those without good eye sight as well as diving in poor visibility, and more usable with gloved hands in temperate waters. 

But why splash the cash and dive with a computer?

For starters, your computer has an array of sensors which can provide information such as depth, temperature as well as bottom time; and from this calculates how long you can safely spend at a given depth without having to do compulsory decompression stops before you surface. We call this a ‘No Decompression Limit’ (aka NDL) and is determined by constantly monitoring your exposure at an increased pressure of an inert gas. Because of this computers allow us to be more flexible with our diving allowing us to do multilevel profiles, as apposed to the traditional U shape profile tables offer.   

The safety factor computers offer is also important as if for any reason your dive doesn’t go exactly to plan it will constantly recalculate your NDL, but also if limits were exceeded it will provide the information on how to safely surface. Most computers also have ascent rates displayed and alarms if limits are exceeded, reducing the risk of accidental rapid ascents.  

Ever found logging your dives a slight burden?

Well you needn’t worry once you get a computer, as they log your dives for you! With some brands and models offering an interactive logged dive profile, seeing variations in depth and time. Some brands also provide an application for computers where you can dock your dive computer and upload all the information from previous dives, allowing you to add additional information where necessary such as dive site, dive buddy, and additional notes. 

All in all dive computers are the way of the future and make your leisurely diving that bit more relaxed!

Here at Evolution we offer computers from right at the start, when you do our PADI Open Water course to get you truly familiar with their use at an early point, and even offer a choice of 2 brands to see which one you like.

When you are next here, come and inquire about our Suunto and Shearwater stock we carry.

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