The Vikings Conquer PADI Rescue Diver

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In December of 2016, the Holmen family (aka ‘The Holmen Clan) first showed their faces at Evolution, being relatively new to diving. With keen enthusiasm, the family of four have excelled in terms of competence and certification since.

After being put off diving by previous experiences, youngest family member Peggie learned to dive with Evolution when they first arrived, and soon found a passion for it. But as for the rest of them, the addiction had already begun. Upon arrival Magnus, Anna and son Zeb went on to immediately complete their PADI Advanced Open Water.

From Sweden, with Viking blood flowing through their veins, they embarked on the great journey that was a full-on family rescue course, which they tackled with great ferocity and a yearn to learn like true Vikings would. 

From day 1, when they were first introduced to self-rescue skills and dealing with an array of situations at the surface, all the way through until their final scenarios, the drive to improve and become better divers never lessened.

padi rescue diver evolution diving resort philippinesThrough extensive skill practice, repetition and out of the blue ‘instances’ the improvement day by day was more than evident. Search patterns at a popular training site originally named Los Bamboos but re-dubbed ‘Lost Bamboos’ after extensive missing diver procedures, and Magnus getting renamed Hoff, all aiding for a very memorable few days. All in all the course for both the instructor and students, it was an incredibly enjoyable experience (but slightly more tiring from the rescue candidates side of things.)

The family have been awesome and everyone at Evolution looks forward to their return. Congratulations to all of them and especially Peggie for being one of our youngest Evolution Rescue Divers!

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