Whiskey in the Jar

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When Barry Crockett wrapped up a 50 year career producing some of the finest Irish Whiskies for Midleton Distillery in County Cork, little did he know that his finest accolade would eventually come getting name checked in Evolution’s blog.  And his second biggest accolade was having a very rare and simply exquisite single pot still Midleton Whiskey named after him and it is now available in The Craic House and is certainly the only bottle in the Philippines.

‘Midleton, Barry Crockett Legacy’ has an elegant aroma of vanilla and toasted cork and has a,lght pepper and citrus taste and has spent 18 years maturing in American Oak barrels before turning up on our shore.

With 17 Irish Whiskies currently available in The Craic House we have something for everyone, from pub classics like Paddy and Powers to some real treats like the boutique dram Jack Ryan’s single malt, the wonderfully peaty Connemara single malt and Dublin stalwarts of Teelings and Jamesons.

Come and enjoy a taste of the aul sod on the white sand beach of Malapascua and raise a glass to Barry.

 irish whiskey the craic house malapascua

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