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Whiskey a Go Go

It’s that time of year again when we proudly announce our latest exciting and so [...]

Lets talk about the weather

Its monsoon season on Malapascua. Hang on isn’t it called Typhoon season? Or am I [...]

Slow-cooked Sticky Ribs at the Craic House

Guinness… a name that’s as synonymous with Irish culture as good food, music and picture [...]

The legacy of Big John

103 years ago in 1915 a great man from Galway passed away but his legacy [...]

A Resort is Reborn!

Happy Easter dear reader and God Bless you all. This is our most anticipated and [...]

The Mindfulness Movement at Evolution

Did you know that diving, and specifically technical diving, can offer some of the most [...]

Attention President Trump

Here at Evolution we pride ourselves on offering a neutral space where anyone from any [...]

Whiskey in the Jar

When Barry Crockett wrapped up a 50 year career producing some of the finest Irish [...]

One small step for Man, one giant leap for Thresher Sharks

One year ago today our beloved Thresher Sharks were moved to Appendix II by the Convention [...]

DMT meets KBC

The provenance of Evolution and our name is all about moving forward, striving to improve [...]

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