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Devil Rays a plenty!

A spate of recent devil ray sightings gives divers even more reason to wake up [...]

Sea Urchin for someone like you

Among nature’s lazier creations, the humble sea urchin is basically a ball covered in spikes, [...]

Giving our trusty dive boats some lurve

Evolution is of course about improving and becoming better, and it’s an ethos we are [...]

Matt’s Guest Post for TDI

Being such a knowledgeable techy chap, Matt was recently given the honour of writing an [...]

Saving the reef from being eaten!

It’s a sad fact we’re becoming more and more aware of, that human activity has [...]

The Pelagian / Apeks combination

As avid rebreather divers at Evolution we dive and teach the Pelagian DCCCR(Diver controlled closed [...]

Malapascua’s Hammerhead Sharks

Each year around Xmas a buzz starts to grow around Malapascua…. You see we are [...]

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