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The latest local news and events here in Malapascua, as well as international diving community news.

Best beachfront in Malapascua

Evolution has always had great clean, soft white sand at our beachfront. Over the years [...]

Congrats to Gino – Newest member of the Evolution Instructor Team

Profile: Gino H. Pelayo, PADI OWSI 444888 The newest member of the Evolution Instructor Team [...]

Diving into the Future

Here at Evolution, we of course encourage everyone to explore the magical waters surrounding Malapascua. [...]

Talking Trash – 2019 International Coastal Clean Up Day

September 21st, 2019 marked the International Coastal Clean Up Day, the world’s largest, clean up activity [...]

Every dive is a clean up dive

  Just as the title says we see every dive as a clean up dive, [...]

Top 10 reasons for choosing Evolution for your Divemaster Course

Personalized Program Here at Evolution we respect and embrace everyone’s differences, and work to make [...]

Big Congrats to Dannie!

Evolution, your favourite TDI Facility, is proud to now have two fulltime SDI/TDI Instructor trainers! [...]

In Loving Memory – a different look at MV Pioneer Cebu (Video)

As the winds of Typhoon Irma whipped in to a frenzy the crew and passengers [...]

Devil Rays a plenty!

A spate of recent devil ray sightings gives divers even more reason to wake up [...]

Bounty Beach goes ‘The Full Monty’

Our humble apologies if you’ve followed a link here and this is not what you [...]

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