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The latest local news and events here in Malapascua, as well as international diving community news.

Sea Urchin for someone like you

Among nature’s lazier creations, the humble sea urchin is basically a ball covered in spikes, [...]

Life’s a Beach with Evolution

Evolution isn’t just everyone’s favourite award winning Eco friendly dive shop and resort, it’s also got the [...]

Viva Pit Senyor!

On March 16th, 1521 the Portuguese explorer and ‘flat earther’ nemesis Magellan sailed in to [...]

The Craic House’s Jik Jik talks Kinilaw

For those of you who have been here, then you know The Craic Dealers in [...]

Cleaning on the reef

Some of the ocean’s most spectacular sightings revolve around the rather mundane activity of ‘cleaning’.  Incredible [...]

Deck the Halls with Hotdogs and Marshmallows

Every December, Evolution hosts a Christmas party for the local children and this event is [...]

Meet the Fleet: Darwin’s Legacy Lives on in Malapascua

Along with The Haldane, The Beagle is Evolution’s other beautiful pump boat. The name The [...]

Creature Feature: Mandarin Fish

One of the more risqué dives offered through Evolution is to find the famous mandarin [...]

Are you up for the Irish Car Bomb challenge?

If you were to look around the Craic House restaurant you would notice a few [...]

Meet the Fleet: The Haldane Reigns!

As one of our two larger boats, The Haldane is a beauty to behold. Out [...]

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