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The latest local news and events here in Malapascua, as well as international diving community news.

Another Environmental Award for Evolution

Over the past weekend thousands of divers converged in Singapore for Asia’s biggest dive expo [...]

The legacy of Big John

103 years ago in 1915 a great man from Galway passed away but his legacy [...]

A Resort is Reborn!

Happy Easter dear reader and God Bless you all. This is our most anticipated and [...]

The World’s 5 Best Diving Locations – Guest Blog

71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. So, it probably comes as no [...]

Los Bamboos Dive Site Cleanup

Its been a little while since our last underwater clean up. With Christmas and Chinese [...]

The Mindfulness Movement at Evolution

Did you know that diving, and specifically technical diving, can offer some of the most [...]

Attention President Trump

Here at Evolution we pride ourselves on offering a neutral space where anyone from any [...]

The Sounds of the Craic House

Along with some fantastic food, the renowned Falafel, and friendly service, the Craic House also [...]

The Kids’ Book Club returns!

The other day some of Evolution’s staff headed back to Malapascua’s primary school for another [...]

The Flamboyant Cuttlefish aka Metasepai Pfeffers

This little creature is in the Cephalopoda class, which includes squid, octopus and nautilus. Cephalopods [...]

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