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In Loving Memory – a different look at MV Pioneer Cebu (Video)

As the winds of Typhoon Irma whipped in to a frenzy the crew and passengers [...]

Livin’ in Gangster’s Paradise

Four years ago a brash New Yorker strode in to Evolution and demanded to speak [...]

Continuing Exploration of the Cebu Pioneer Ferry 110m down

During October, Evolution hosted Peter Naujoks from Australia, and Matt and he managed to do [...]

Cebu Pioneer – Deep Trimix Wreck Diving

As experienced and very active technical divers we are often asked what the reason is [...]

CCR Wreck Diving and Deep Trimix Diving in Malapascua

For most of us scuba means a relaxing holiday pastime, generally done with friends and [...]

Advanced Wreck Diving Training in Malapascua

When a ship sinks, whether due to natural disasters, human error, or even if it [...]

Yes Master!!

By guest blogger, Evolution Instructor Angel Cortes Diving is all about practice and experience, but [...]

The Mogami Maru Revisited

Situated in the ‘Golden Triangle’ of marine diversity The Philippines is home to all sea [...]

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