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Every Dive is a Clean-up Dive

Evolution doesn’t plan monthly clean up dives like a lot of dive shops. But this isn’t because we don’t think it’s important. 

We know from experience that (sadly) you can find garbage to collect on pretty much every dive you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re diving shallow for you Open Water class training, or exploring deep with out technical diving team below 100m, we see garbage daily.

So we have made it part of our ethos to clean up every time we see garbage. All our instructors and divemasters carry mesh bags with them on every dive to make sure they can collect anything they see. They let our divers know this in the briefings so that divers can point out items that could be collected; and if the divers are experienced enough and feel comfortable helping, then we have extra bags on hand for the guests to bring along too.

Of course we don’t want you to miss out on all the cool marine life there is to see, so the guides will make sure that is always the priority. But if we happen to see a piece of garbage floating by, we can happily grab it a know that we’ve helped just a little bit. 

Make every dive a clean up dive!

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