Giving our trusty dive boats some lurve

haldane and beagle dive boats evolution diving resort philippines

Evolution is of course about improving and becoming better, and it’s an ethos we are always working on. Every year we dry dock our boats one by one between July and October, to make any repairs, overhaul the engines and generally make them look pretty again after a year of hard work ferrying our divers around the awesome dive sites of Malapascua.

evolution diving resort boats

To begin this process, we need high tide and lots of people to push the boat on the beach. This process is often a highlight for visitors to see, when 40-50 guys push and shove a 3 ton boat up on to the beach with nothing but muscles and teamwork it is a great sight.

As soon as the boat is on the beach, all wood and bamboo will be taken off the frame, and the team gets to work replacing anything that needs it, and ensuring that all parts of the boat are strong and in good condition. Of course everything gets a new coat of paint and our famous logo is freshened up on the sides, along with the boats names.

evolution diving resort dive boats

This year, aside from the regular maintenance we made some improvements to both The Beagle and The Haldane, making them slightly bigger and adding some extra storage and dry spaces to sit. We also have improved their communications by installing high quality marine VHF radios, as well as installing one at the resort, so we can now ensure communications at the farther away dive sites where there is no cellphone reception, or when the phones run out of battery or get wet! This helps to increase our effectiveness as well as the safety of our divers and anyone riding the boats.

We look forward to welcoming you on board our comfortable and well appointed boats for some fun dives soon!

evolution diving resort boat radios

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