On the road to Victory!

evolution dive resort basketball team

evolution dive resort basketball team

Anyone who has visited the Philippines is probably aware of this island nations love for the sport of basketball. Here on Malapascua it is unusual to see any of the countless courts and hoops unused at any time, from the early morning well into the evening. It is this passion that has led to the creation of an annual dive resort basketball tournament! We are three games into the tourney already – and it’s starting to heat up with one game left before the semi finals!!

The first match up against rivals Exotic saw the Evolution boys outclass their opponents start to finish – an absolute demolition job! Next up was Thresher Cove, and again Evolution’s quick running game proved too much for their hapless rivals. Game 3 was a match up against Sea Explorers, and some dubious refereeing calls saw temperatures rising on the court and also on the sidelines!! Many hard challenges and countless fouls later, Sea Explorers emerged the victors by a close 3 points.

evolution dive resort malapascua basketball team

 The final first round clash is yet to come, with Johann Divers firmly in the sights of our boys, hungry to make it to the finals and eventual victory!! 

This tournament is a great example of the team spirit that we see in Evolution every day – not only the guys on the court but also the super rowdy cheer squad – reception, kitchen, restaurant and dive staff all present to boost our lads to champion status!

evolution dive resort malapascua basketball team malapascua

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