Lets talk about the weather

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Its monsoon season on Malapascua. Hang on isn’t it called Typhoon season? Or am I confused and its rainy season? And perhaps as a result this time of year has another moniker – low season.

Well actually none of the above are very accurate or true. While the occasional low pressure can rumble through the region at this time of year they still remain an uncommon event. In addition they also tend to effect the north of the Philippines and not central Visayas where your favourite dive island is located.

Just now PAGASA, which is the weather bureau of the Philippines, issued a warning that September would be one of the driest in years. Yes no rain in ‘rainy season’. So if you’re thinking about a trip to our area this month go ahead and book and pack your sun lotion. Its going to be hot and sunny.

PAGASA also predict a 65% chance of an El Nino phenomenon over our winter months. El Nino is the scourge of farmers as it means arid conditions but for divers and holiday makers its a great chance to get sublime conditions over our cooler months. If its anything like the 2010 event we can expect 33C every day and glorious dive conditions.

So drop us a line and start planning your low, monsoon, winter holiday in the blistering sunshine of Malapascua.

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