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Getting to Malapascua Island

We often get asked, “what is the best way to get to Malapascua?”

To help future guests who may have the same question, we have outlined some options for you here.

The easiest way to get here is by private transport. We pick you up at your door step and bring you right to our resort (arrival in Cebu by 1.30pm latest). We check your progress along the way and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you decide on this option the pricing for the service is listed below. All you have to do is give us the time and location of the pickup and we will call the contractor and arrange everything.

Private Transfer Prices as of December 2019

Prices include vehicle and boat

  • 1 Pax : P5,600 per person one way
  • 2 pax : P2,800 per person one way
  • 3 pax : P2,250 per person one way
  • 4 pax + : P1,750 per person one way
  • 10 pax + : P1,450 per person one way


As private transfers to Malapascua are all run by local transport companies we advise that prices are subject to change although tend to remain fairly steady.

For budget-friendly travelers or those who seek adventure along your journey, there are public transport options, detailed below.

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CEBU TO MAYA (port at the north of Cebu)

By Taxi

If you catch a taxi in Cebu City, most drivers will be willing to negotiate a price for a trip to Maya. The price can vary upon the driver, but expect to pay no less than 2500PHP per trip, unless you are a seasoned bargaining machine. Standard of vehicle varies wildly, as does drivers skill/regard for ‘normal’ road rules.

By Ceres Liner Bus

At North Bus Terminal in Cebu City, there are loads of Ceres Liner buses that head to various destinations throughout Cebu. Hop on a bus headed to Maya. The trip will cost about 160PHP per person in a non-AC bus, around 180PHP for Ac and the journey will normally take between 5-6 hours. Ceres Liner departs Northern Bus Terminal about every 30 minutes (or whenever the bus driver feels like it) starting at 1am. If you are lucky to find the AC bus leaving on time, the extra 20PHP is worth it and you get free (though intermittent) WiFi. The bus will stop once for toilet/stretch/snack break – make sure you remember your bus number (as many other Ceres buses may be parked) and hop back on the right bus. Also be sure that your bus doesn’t depart without you!

If you fancy a more “local” experience, a Ceres Liner is the way to go.

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By V-hire Mini Van

The V-hire vans are air conditioned mini-vans, and unlike Ceres Liner, make NO stops along the way to pick up passengers. So the trip is shorter, ranging from 3-4 hours and costs around Php180 per person. The disadvantage of V-hire is that departure time is unpredictable and you may have to wait up to an hour at North Bus Terminal before the van was full enough to depart. Another disadvantage is that the driver will cram every last person onto the van, so if you are one of the last ones to board you will be squeezed into the back row where you will be sitting skin-to-skin with your neighbours and where AC will hardly reach. The trick is to try to grab a seat in the first row or even the front seat, where you are closest to the air con vent and there is most leg space!

You can find V-hires near the exit closest to the main street at North Bus Terminal. Many white vans are usually lined up so you can’t miss it.

Maya to Malapascua

Public ferries don’t run on a fixed schedule. The boat will leave whenever it is full – this can range anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple of hours, but seldom will you have to wait for more than an hour The public boat costs about Php100 per person but this price can vary – the captain can charge whatever he wants, so make sure to negotiate before you get on the boat. If you prefer NOT to wait until the boat is full, you can also negotiate the boat for private hire – this shouldn’t cost you more than Php1500 per trip. Once on the boat, the crossing takes approximately 40 minutes to the paradise of Malapascua.

There may be additional costs with public boat – if you are picked up by a small flat boat (during low tide) to take you to/from the boat, expect to pay Php20 per person and Php20 per luggage. If you are picked up twice by a small boat, once in Maya and once in Malapascua, expect to pay the additional cost each time. Porters will also charge for carrying luggage, and will expect payment directly.

The public boat will stop running at about 4pm. If you reach Maya after 4pm, and have unfortunately missed the last boat, you have 2 options: 1) hire a private boat to cross to Malapascua or 2) spend the night in Maya. If you choose to stay in Maya we recommend accommodations called Skips. The public boat will resume around 7am.

Once you reach Malapascua, depending on your drop-off point, you can either follow the directions of Malapascuas famously friendly locals, or take a short motorcycle taxi ride towards Evolution.

So as you can see, there are many options available to get you to our little paradise, take your pick!

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