PADI Rescue Diver Course

What’s the best way to be a good buddy and improve your diving level?

Well improving your ability to take care of yourself and your dive buddies must surely be high up on that list.

padi rescue diver course malapascua philippines

The PADI Rescue Diver course focuses on improving your self-rescue skills, to be able to assess yourself and avoid problems, before and during a dive. You will discuss the psychology of rescue, equipment problems, and diver stress. But the class also goes in depth into how to help others in the event that they have a problem, covering topics such as assisting responsive and unresponsive divers at the surface and underwater, missing diver scenarios, oxygen delivery systems, and in water rescue breathing.

Most of our divers say that their Rescue diver class is their most exciting and favorite class that they take. It’s a lot of fun packed into a quite short class covering many different and interesting topics that will really expand your diving horizons and make you a better buddy.

Increase your confidence and enjoy your diving even more, take the next step and become a Rescue Diver today!