Video: Thresher Shark Diving at It’s Best!

At Evolution we head out almost every morning as the sun rises, in search of Thresher Sharks. For some of our divers this might be the first time they see a shark, and for many it is the first time they’ll see a Thresher shark. Monad Shoal is about a 30minute ride from Malapascua Island and is the only place in the world known to offer regular daily sightings of these majestic creatures. The sharks come in to be cleaned by cleaner fish, and circle around seemingly uncaring of the divers looking on.

Often you can be surrounded by a lot of other divers, but sometimes, with the right guide, you can be privileged to witness the cleaning in private, with several sharks and even devil rays and mantas sometimes showing up.

This video shows how much can be seen in a single dive and how close they come. Look out for the thresher shark and devil ray giving each other a surprise at the end of the clip.

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