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Why Tech Diving?

Technical diving is probably not quite what you imagine it to be…

Have you ever wanted to be a safer diver?
Technical diving can give you the skills and understanding to increase your safety on any dive.

Have you ever wanted to have better control over your buoyancy, or your position in the water?
Technical diving is highly focused on good buoyancy and control in the water.

Have you ever wished you could use less air and stay down longer to enjoy the sights you see?
Technical diving streamlines your swimming technique and reduces stress, so you can use less air and enjoy your dives more.

Do you wish that you understood more about what’s going on inside your body underwater?
Technical diving theory sessions go beyond Divemaster level theory and can give you a greater understanding of ascent rates, decompression illness and the way your body reacts to the effects of diving.

Do you want to learn more about diving and be able to visit many new and exciting dive sites?
Technical diving will open up a host of new divesites, and give you the ability to enjoy them thoroughly.

Become a better Diver: Skill, Theory, Awareness & Problem Solving

Technical diving is defined as going beyond the limits of recreational diving, namely a maximum depth of 130ft/40m; no decompression; and always having direct access to the surface.

When exceeding these limits, the questions above become more important, and thus focus of technical dive training. A successful dive is one from which we return to the surface safely; and as we increase the risks by going deeper, longer, or venturing into an overhead environment (wreck or cave penetration) it becomes necessary to improve our skills and understanding to ensure that happens.

Technical dive training in it’s simplest form makes you a better diver through skills and theory training, awareness, and problem solving. This allows you to react better to a variety of situations, extend the limits of your diving and at the same time remain comfortable and confident in your ability to make a safe ascent to the surface.

So it’s not all about deep, dark and complicated. Technical diving is a great way to increase your safety and enjoyment of diving and at the same give you access to new sites and new experiences if you desire.

Here’s a video of some of the tech skills training in action.

Technical Diving Courses

There are many reasons to take a technical diving class, and you don’t have have plans to do technical diving in the future. No matter how experienced you are now, you will gain valuable skills and understanding through technical diving.

Of course if you are interested in technical diving because you want to go deeper for longer, then Evolution is the top provider of technical diving services in the region. Every level of technical diving is available with our in house technical diving instructor trainer.

See our Technical Diving Courses
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