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Technical Fun Diving

Exploration on every dive!

If you already have your certification and just want to have fun then you have come to the right place! We have everything you need to get wet in safety and comfort.

The Philippines is renowned for great reefs, usually shallow – the rest is still new to most people and you will have the chance to visit some very exciting dive sites in the Philippines where few divers have been before.

All our dives are guided by one of our experienced and professional team. You will have the chance to discuss your personal preferences and desires in advance, either by email or in person before diving. We like to be flexible to your style while at the same time maintaining an overall level of safety which gives everyone peace of mind.

Have a look over the information below to get an idea for how we like to dive in the tech side of our operation.

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technical fun diving malapascua evolution diving resort



  • OC PO2 of 1.4 as a maximum for bottom gas
  • OC PO2 of 1.6 for decompression
  • For CCR Setpoints to be discussed based on the dive plan
  • We encourage the use of standard mixes: Eg 50% and 100%

We also pratice the following: The max END for trimix dives is 40m. However we will dive air to 55m-60m with experienced divers, and we teach TDI Extended Range on air to 55m. Contingency planning for all dives includes the following: Too long / too deep or ranges, bail out options; no conservatism for emergencies; lost deco gas scenarios; CCR bailout gas and plans.

Gas analysis and labelling: Analysis of all gases taken on the dive! Logging of analysis results and Labelling of all tanks. Name and MOD as a minimum. Our deco bottles are pre labelled.

Gas management as appropriate for the dive. We dive using ‘conservatism’ as the rule for gas management. Turn Pressure agreed for all dives (Embarrassing to have to say it!). TP for open ocean drift diving is based on minimum gas requirements, which is the greater of Gas required to get two people to the deco switch with elevated breathing rate.

Gas required to cover loss of a deco bottle, decompressing on back gas. Deco gas quantities are determined as follows: enough deco gas within the team to cover loss of deco gas by one member of the team. If this is not possible, the guide takes an extra bottle for the team. This is ‘belt and braces’ but no-one has ever died due to taking too much gas. Use of the TDI pre dive checklist START before all dives.

Equipment Requirements

  • 2 depth / timing devices are required
  • 1 SMB is required, 2 are recommended
  • Dive light is recommended

During the Dive

All deco dives are conducted from boats giving:

  • Simplified entry and exit
  • Prompt response if required

A spare tank of every deco gas that is being taken on the dive is kept on the boat. This is in addition to any extra gas carried by the guide.

Emergency protocols:

Our boatmen are trained to drop the spare deco gases down the line if a yellow balloon is sent up. Each boatman carries an ‘Emergency Action Plan’. The dive centre has a detailed emergency action plan covering lost diver, injured diver etc.

DATA checks are performed every 5 mins on every tech dive whether simulated or real decompression. We encourage the practicing of emergency drills on every dive:

  • Air Sharing
  • Valve management
  • Positive confirmation by other team members on all critical tasks
  • Gas switches
  • Balloon deployment

Post Dive

After all deco dives equipment is carried off the boat by the boatmen.

There is a debrief after every dive dealing with any safety or diver development issues.

technical diving evolution dive resort philippines

Local Diving Conditions

Decompression is often in blue water, but on some dive sites there is the opportunity to decompress coming up a reef.

Viz varies but is generally a minimum of 15m and can be much more.  Dives are planned to minimise the effects of current, but some drifting deco is usual.

In addition to the ‘plus 40m diving’ we also recommend extended stays at some of our fantastic recreational sites in the 35m to 40m range .  Depths of the tech sites ranges from 35m to 100m on local reefs, with superb topography and excellent coral and marine life. There are some small wrecks locally, for larger wrecks an expedition to Ormoc Bay, Subic Bay, or Coron are recommended.

Gas policy

  • Oxygen is included in dive prices
  • Helium is additional at current rates
  • We boost Helium so you don’t lose any between dives
  • You pay for helium you use, based on our filing records
  • Trimix bailout gases available at no extra cost – you pay if you use it