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PADI Scuba Diving Courses with Evolution

padi five star resort malapascuaAt Evolution we really believe in training. Taking the course which is right for you is the best way for you to improve your diving knowledge and experience.

Under the gentle guidance of our highly trained team of instructors you will feel yourself progress after each lesson. Our training is designed to focus on maximum retention of information, at the same time as ensuring everyone has a really fun time, in a relaxed and safe environment.

Our recreational courses are run in line with PADI’s world renowned standards, and ensure you get the most out of all the time you spend studying or practicing skills in the water. In line with our environmental policies we use electronic manuals wherever possible, and highly encourage eLearning for Open Water class – see details below.

See below for the classes on offer. Please contact us for our latest prices and offers. We offer a sliding scale so if you choose to do more then one course, we’ll make it cheaper.

Start with PADI eLearning!

What is eLearning?

eLearning allows you to study at home and complete all the academic portions of your class online, before you even pack your bags to go diving. Once you sign up for your chosen class online you will gain access to the “virtual classroom”; there you can watch videos, complete quizzes and exams, and you can even ask questions of your instructor via email.

Got questions about PADI elearning?

Why Choose eLearning?

  • Shorten your indoor class time and maximise in-water time and relaxation time while on you holiday
  • Study from any location, on the train, at starbucks, or even at work (don’t get caught by your boss!)
  • Immediate feedback and understanding of what you did well and what you need to study a bit more.
  • Integrated videos with teaching presentations and simulations.
  • Start learning NOW, and study at your pace, when you want.

You can choose between the traditional method of studying once you arrive at Evolution, or you can choose eLearning if you want to study before you arrive. If you have further questions about which one is right for you then please contact us.

As part of our full service we will set up your eLearning for you.

Contact us about PADI Elearning

Our Top 5 Best Selling Scuba Diving Courses

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Other Scuba Diving Courses Available

Other PADI Specialities

We can offer Specialty classes in Deep, Wreck, Night, Navigation, Search and Recovery and a few other areas.

Contact us for full details on those speciality classes.


padi scuba diving courses malapascua
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