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The Craic House – Irish Pub & Restaurant

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The Craic House is the best bar on Malapascua, no ifs, buts or maybes.

It’s an Irish pub on a Filipino beach, or a Filipino pub with warm Irish hospitality and a Celtic commitment to fun and frivolity. You choose.

We play the best music anywhere for miles and our 10,000+ song selection has something for every mood. We avoid playing the current top 40 hits, and anything which is on repeat in a teens music collection is definitely not going to be heard in our bar and restaurant.

By the time you reach us, you’ll know what we’re talking about. We’ll help create the soundtrack for your holiday and if we’re not getting it quite right just make a request with our friendly bar staff.

Tantalise your tastebuds at The Craic House!

Most importantly The Craic House has gained a solid reputation for its service orientated philosophy and tasty original food. Our guests continue to rate us in high regard on trip advisor and we constantly strive to innovate and keep up with the ever changing trends and dietary needs of the current global traveler.

We refuse to have 150 dishes on our menu and we refuse to bend our identity, we are THE pub on Malapascua. At the Craic House you will find a smaller pub inspired menu and an ever changing specials board with a local ingredient flair. Using only the freshest local produce and the best imported ingredients available, you will find our menu to be familiar yet miles away. Put your trust in us and we will reward your taste buds.

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To get your mouth watering…

Here are some of our most popular dishes, many never before served in this country.

  • Mezze plate – Jalapeño falafel, kalamasi flavoured hummus, finely chopped tomato and Feta cheese salad, crispy aubergine fingers served with garlic flatbread.
  • Tex-Mex sharing platter – Cheddar cheese, ham, spring onion quesadillas, chorizo, mozzarella, spring onion and roasted tomato empanadas, Kalamasi salsa
  • Grilled balsamic chicken, home pickled beetroot, Feta cheese & walnut salad
  • Pork & Apple burger – Spring onion & herb pork patty served in a homemade bun with sliced fresh apple and beer & red onion relish
  • Tuna Burger – Locally line caught fresh seasoned tuna patty served in a homemade bun with jalapeño mayo, lettuce and tomato
  • Dhal curry served with rice & chapatis
  • Breaded Chicken Escalope “Milanese”, served with rosemary and garlic sautéed potato and kalamansi butter
  • Classic mac ‘n cheese with herb & garlic pork meatballs
  • TCH Famous Curry Chips – twice fried with our special curry sauce
  • Jalapeño falafel wrap – homemade jalapeño flavoured falafel wrapped with lettuce, tomato, cucumber kalamansi hummus.
  • TCH Tangigue kinilaw with crispy garlic tostado
  • Ice cream sundae – 2 scoops of cookie dough ice cream topped with mini Oreo, crushed peanut and chocolate syrup

This is just a selection of our ever changing, dynamic menu cooked to order in Malapascua’s only Public House.

We also have a small wine selection available. If you are a committed Oenophile let us know ahead and we can try and stock certain wines to cater for your stay.

Craic House Videos

For those of you who have been here, then you know The Craic Dealers in our restaurant have the important job of making sure all the divers and guests are well fed and watered all day long.

In our new series, we will let them tell you about some of our more popular dishes themselves.