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Environmental Responsibility

One of the words we used when conceptualising Evolution was “progressive”, and we wanted to build a business which didn’t necessarily repeat everything which has been done before. From a diving point of view this meant really focusing on giving good dive training and creating quality divers, with good skills and awareness for the environment, and their part in protecting it.

As a result of our efforts in this area Evolution has been a Top Ten member of Green Fins for 3 years now, and this year achieve the number 2 position. Making us one of the most environmentally friendly dive operators in the world.

The logical continuation of this in the resort is to ensure we and our divers have minimal impact on the island we live on, and that we adhere to the eco-friendly principles of 

‘Reduce, Recycle, Reuse’

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In our efforts to “Reduce” we:

  • Have not used plastic straws in our restaurant for over 5 yrs. An approximate calculation means we have thereby avoid over 10,000 straws per year going to landfill or even worse into the ocean.
  • Made use of highly sustainable materials such as bamboo and other local materials as much as possible.
  • Teach classes in our Eco-classroom with no AC, but just naturally ventilated by the cool ocean breeze.
  • Use cue cards in the rooms to encourage guests to reduce their footprint by turning off lights, AC etc when not in use, and reusing towels and bedding to save on laundry soap and water.
  • Use refillable soap and shampoo containers in the bathrooms, saving over 5,000 half-used soaps/shampoos from being wasted per year.
  • Offer complimentary drinking water in our rooms from a refillable container, and offer refills at the bar for all guests. This has avoided the use of close to 18,000 plastic bottles per year.
  • Use recycled can lightshades and LED lightbulbs, more than doubling the lifetime of each bulb and reducing the electricity needed to power them.
  • Use rechargeable batteries for Staff and Rental flashlights, to minimise the number of used batteries being disposed into the environment. We also encourage guests to bring home any of their used batteries to their home countries where they can be properly recycled, as the Philippines does not offer proper recycling possibilities.

“Recycling” is also key to our philosophy and we :

  • Compost all bio-degradable waste that we can, creating great compost for our plants and fresh herb garden.
  • Use kitchen scraps to feed several pigs, which later find themselves on the menu in The Craic House.
  • Segregate and ensure all our used plastics, metals, and anything which can be recycled, is sent to proper recycling facilities off the island.
  • All used boat oil is returned to the mainland and given to the Caltex gas station who provide a recycling program for this used oil.


“Reusing” materials rather than just throw them out :

  • Old detergent bottles from housekeeping are used as plant pots in our nursery.
  • Old wine bottles are cut in half and used as light fittings.
  • Our reception desk is made from old wood which came from our boats, drying racks, and anything else that had reached it’s end of life.
  • Other items from room renovation have been transported to our local ‘House Reef’ to create underwater habitats for the fish, and we see they like it!


It is our hope that our guests agree with our philosophies and attempts to reduce our carbon footprint, and that we can work together to create sustainable tourism opportunities.

If you have ideas or suggestions to help us improve further then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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