meet the evolution diving resort team

Meet the Evolution Team

Evolution is owned and operated by seasoned instructors living on the island full time, providing safe, professional and fun dive experiences for all levels of diver.

The owners shared philosophies of quality facilties and services are the foundation of the Evolution model. With diving as the primary focus they aim to provide interesting and safe training designed and taught in a way to maximise students retention of information. Additionally they hope they can empower their friends and students to explore the excitments of the underwater world in they same way they do; with a well organised infrastructure of equipment, boats and staff to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Being firm believers in sucking out the best life has to offer Evolution is designed to create a meeting place for divers and non-divers out of the water, a social melting pot that makes you want to return again and again. You’ll see staff and owners in the bar and the restaurant every night…and more than likely you’ll be chatting to them over a cold drink at some point during your trip.

Matt Reed – TDI Instructor Trainer – Evolution Partner

Matt is an experienced technical and rebreather diver and instructor trainer having studied with some of the world’s best. Matt started as a full time instructor in the UK in 1998 and since 1999 has lived and worked in some enviable locations including The Red Sea, Belize, Dominican Republic, Palau, and Truk Lagoon. Based in the Philippines since 2003 Matt has made the country his full time home with his wife Anna, and their 2 daughters.

Matt teaches all courses up to Advanced Mix Gas Rebreather diver and also offers Instructor level courses up to Advanced Trimix and Advanced Wreck. His courses are all built upon his wealth of real tech diving experience from around the world and Matt’s passion is deep rebreather exploration. Although if you’re just getting started then Matt will also be happy to chat with you about the intricacies of any level of diving.

Specialising in deep trimix and rebreathers Matt’s current ‘fun’ diving sees him exploring deep wrecks in the Malapascua area such as the Mogami Maru a Japanese ship from WW2, which is home to a number of treasures. Matt is also the only person to have taken part in all 24 dives to the nearby Pioneer Cebu wreck at 110m, which has an amazing Mercedes Benz car on the seabed!

Matt is originally from England and has a degree in Audio Technology as well as an NVQ in Engineering. In his free time Matt has completed an Ironman 70.3 and is an active Crossfitter and Crossfit Level 1 trainer and general fitness enthusiast. If you have time you can visit his gym on the island which is open to everyone.


David Joyce – TDI Trimix Instructor & Master Scuba Diver Trainer – Evolution Partner

As a TDI Trimix Instructor and a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, David has introduced many students to the wonderful world of diving and helped many more evolve their diving skills and capabilities through both recreational and technical diving. Diving for over 18 years, and a PADI pro since 2002, David has dived in a variety of oceans, lakes, caves and wrecks on five Continents.

When he’s not teaching David indulges his other diving passions – underwater photography and technical diving and exploration. As an Advanced Wreck, Advanced Trimix and Pelagian DCCCR diver there are few nooks and crannies off limits and Matt and David regularly plan their next Great Dive together.

If its not deep or dirty David will happily spend hours in the shallows stalking Crinoid Shrimp, Blue Ring Octopus and anything else that passes his camera lens. As a former TV Director and Producer David has an eye for the weird and wonderful and is now more then happy to be venting his creative flair on the varied and magical inhabitants of Malapscua where he lives full time with his young family. 

David Joyce

Nick Greenop – Recreational and Technical Instructor – Evolution General Manager

Nick is Evolution’s General Manager and a PADI/SDI/TDI recreational and technical instructor. He dislikes describing himself in the 3rd person, so will stop now!

“I first came to Malapascua in November 2012, and for the next 2 1/2 years divided my time between here and Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands. Malapascua’s magnetic personality and great diving eventually drew me in completely and I have been here full time since October 2014, gradually transitioning from an instructional capacity to my current role as GM. I still teach occasionally but being on site in the resort and ensuring our guests are having the best holiday ever keeps me quite busy!

In my downtime you can find me tech diving, playing drums, or blasting drum n bass and sipping sunset rums on my porch.”

Gino Pelayo – PADI and SDI Instructor and TDI Technical Diver

As a Malapascua native, Gino knows the island inside out and has been on the team at Evolution for 10 years. After many years as an excellent divemaster, Gino decided to level up and become an instructor. Now busy teaching all classes from Discover Diving to Divemaster, Gino is universally loved by all his students, and being able to teach in Tagalog and Visayan ensures that all our Filipino guests are well taken care of in their own language.

Evolution Dive Guides

Josh, Elgen and Vincent are your guides on daily fun dives with Evolution. We broke our calculator trying to figure out their combined number of dives – just not enough zeroes! Diving in Evolution’s preferred backplate and wing config the guys present perfect trim and are the talk (and envy) of the local dive community on the island and are a great example of how divers should look in the water. These three can find a baby Frogish in seagrass at 50 fin kicks and know where all the best critters hide. If you have anything specific that you would like to see let them know and they will do their best to hunt it out!

The Mondterde ‘Mafia’

The Monterdes are a well know Malapascuan family who have been working the high seas for generations. All Monterde men set sail from a young age and work on fishing boats up and down the country but happily we have rerouted a few of them into a more sustainable way of life.

RogerRolly and Robin are three brothers and they captain the Evolution dive fleet of Beagle, Haldane and Tantalus respectively. Known for their good humour, big smiles and hard work the the three brothers drive the most well oiled boat crews on the island making sure our divers have to do as little as possible. 

The Craic Dealers

Our “Craic Dealers” have been entertaining the customers for years and many of our former guests consider them great friends. Although Malapascua remains a remote paradise island, we always like to have a nice fun, friendly environment to relax in when we eat or drink, or just hang out with friends. The local girls will explain the special menu we have, and how it is all prepared. They will also mix you cocktails, fruit juices, or just find you an ice cold beer.

They have great knowledgeable about island life and are happy to share their experiences so you will almost certainly find yourself chatting with one of the ‘dealers’ about what your next fix should be!

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