Technical Diving Facilities

Evolution Tech is proud to be the only operation in the Visayan region of the Philippines which has a booster pump and can offer technical and rebreather divers access to 200bar of oxygen. Additionally we can fill Helium at all pressures, and are happy to top up mixes with our double filtered Oxygen Clean Air.

If you forget a hose, need some spares, or just want to shop around for some new gear, we are the local dealer for Halcyon, DUI Drusuits, Gavin Scooter, Apeks, and Pelagian DCCCR, and have most bits and pieces you might need for open circuit or rebreather diving. Our retail shop is fully stocked and we are happy to chat through things with you if you have questions on configuration and set up.

We have only the best equipment available for rental, established from our personal expedition use and kept in great condition for your safety.


  • 2l steel (with Inspiration style valve) – for rebreathers
  • 13cuft aluminium – for rebreathers
  • 3l steel (with Inspiration style valve) – for rebreathers
  • 19cuft aluminium – for rebreathers
  • 5.5l(40cuft) aluminium – for bailout or deco
  • 11l(80cuft) aluminium – for deep rebreather dives, bailout, or deco
  • Double 11l(80cuft) aluminium – OC bottom gas
evolution diving malapascua technical diving facilities


  • All our regs are Apeks either DS4, ATX100 or Tek3
  • All hose setups are DIR lengths


  • 40lbs Halcyon Evolve
  • 50lbs AGIR Brokk


  • Halcyon Explorer 10w and 18w canister lights
  • Dive Rite Wreck and Slimline 10w canister lights
apeks regulators evolution diving resort


  • We stock a wide variety of high quality dive computers. Contact us if you would like more information.


  • Sidemount setups for rent including harness, bladder and regulators


We have other rental equipment such as balloons, reels, masks, and fins – no snorkels I’m afraid! However we strongly encourage divers to have their own basic equipment and will happily discuss options with you.

Contact us for our ‘required equipment’ lists if you are taking a course with us.

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