With a whole world of ocean out there we don’t like to limit ourselves to diving on our front porch. We want to dive all over the Philippines and the exciting places our friends tell us about in other parts of the world. So we have set up a network of contacts around the Philippines as well as around the world to allow us to dive and explore with less stress and more in-water time.

We invite you to join us on these trips, be they reef, wreck or cave. We have a number of possible trips which you can choose from locally or internationally.

Cebu Caves – Dates on request

Some of the most exciting cave diving in Asia is just a few hours drive from Malapascua. We have been searching out the jungle to bring you new sites and setting up infrastructure to get you there easily. This is not for the faint hearted and requires cave training.

cebu cave diving technical diving expeditiion philippines

Ormoc Wrecks – Dates on request

Untouched wrecks in tropical water, generally all trimix diving on day boat trips.

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