A busy schedule of technical dive training and fun diving…

For aspiring technical divers or experienced divers looking to bring their diving to new heights Evolution has something for you in the next few months.  Take your pick of the many TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures combination Courses coming up.  Matt and David will put you through your paces and give you the most thorough grounding in the skills needed to be not just a technical diver, but an Evolution technical diver.

Best Technical Diving Tech Trimix Wreck CCR Rebreather TDI Malapascua Cebu Philippines Asia
Tech Exploration Team

For the more daring we have the most challenging course on the curriculum coming up in February, TDI’s Advanced Wreck class.  Learn to safely penetrate a wreck on the famous Dona Marilyn.  Learn how to survive an out of gas failure inside a wreck with all team members wearing blacked out masks!  Think we’re joking? Sign up and see.

For those looking for greater clarity and safety at greater depths we have Trimix classes.  Learn to plan and execute dives to 60m using Helium plus enjoy the tech rescue module that Evolution has developed and learn what its like to problem solve multiple failures.

For anyone tired of heavy tanks on their back we have SDI and TDI Sidemount classes.  Work on your trim and propulsion wearing tanks on your side and feel the difference.

Best Technical Dive Training Tech Wreck CCR Trimix Rebreather in Malapascua Cebu Philippines Asia
The Pelagian In Action


And if all that doesn’t sound very challenging then forget everything you ever knew about diving and sign up for the first and only CCR class available on Malapascua.  Evolution is proud to exclusively offer TDI’s Pelagian DCCCR class here.  Extend your bottom time and get rid of bubbles – perfect for the ultimate Thresher Shark encounter.

Its going to be a great and technically challenging 2013 at Evolution.  Have a look at our schedule and get in touch.  Remember if you plan to evolve your diving Evolution is the natural selection!




Currently confirmed course –

Feb 1st – 4th : AN/DP Diver
Feb 1st – 6th  : Pelagian DCCCR Diver
Feb 5th – 9th : AN/DP Diver
Feb 8th – 15th : Tech/Trimix fun diving
Feb 21st – 26th : Adv Wreck Instructor
Feb 22nd – 26th : Adv Wreck Diver
Feb 27th – March 4th : Extended Range/Trimix Instructor
Feb 28th – March 4th : Extended Range/Trimix Diver
March 5th – 7th : TDI sidemount diver
March 8th – 11th : Tech/Trimix fun diving
March 8th -10th : SDI sidemount diver
March 12th – 17th : AN/DP Instructor
March 14th – 17th : AN/DP Diver
March 18th – 23rd : Advanced Trimix Diver
March 29th – April 4th : CCR fun diving
April 6th – 11th : Tech/Trimix fun diving

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