Los Bamboos Dive Site Cleanup

los bamboos dive site cleanup evolution diving resort malapascua

Its been a little while since our last underwater clean up. With Christmas and Chinese New Year and so much great diving taking place it has been hard to find time and divers to go for a clean up, but we found time yesterday with our two DMT’s, three staff and a guest. We went to do a clean up at our beloved training site, Los Bamboos.

Doing this dive, our three buddy teams dived for one hour, hoping to collect lots of trash. But today we were very pleased. Our buddy teams didn’t collect nearly as much trash as on the previous dives we done here. 

This brings us lots of hope and joy. Hope that our behaviour, in taking care of our sea and the planet, is rubbing off to the locals and that proper education about waste is being taken serious.

Way to go Malapascua and keep up the good job!

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