Meet the Fleet: Darwin’s Legacy Lives on in Malapascua

Along with The Haldane, The Beagle is Evolution’s other beautiful pump boat.

The name The Beagle is of course near and dear to Evolution’s heart given that it was the HMS Beagle which brought Charles Darwin to South America and the Galapagos. The vast variety of life Darwin was able to research and explore aboard the Beagle inspired him to develop his Theory of Evolution, which we embrace even today.

Here at Evolution, we continue in the tradition of Darwin the Naturalist by offering Underwater Naturalist as one of the elective dives for your PADI Advanced Open Water course. If that one dive peaked your interest, we also offer several PADI Project Aware specialty courses focusing on conservation through education, which can count toward a Master Scuba Diver certification. You’ll learn about the vast reef ecosystems and how we can help maintain their health and beauty for generations to come. A fascinating lecture on land leads to a deeper appreciation of all creatures great and small that we encounter here in Malapascua.


beagle dive boat evolution diving resort malapascua

We hope Evolution’s Beagle brings you to natural encounters as inspiring as Darwin had over a century ago!

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