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Livin’ in Gangster’s Paradise

Four years ago a brash New Yorker strode in to Evolution and demanded to speak [...]

Evolution keeps on Truking!

We have just come back from our trip to the amazing World War II wrecks [...]

Songs in the Key of Life

  The Philippines is famous for many good reasons – amazing beaches, amazing diving, amazing [...]

Barefoot Living

If you have been to Evolution already then you know exactly what we are talking [...]

Creature Feature: Saw Blade Shrimp

Last time on Evolution’s Creature Feature, we shared with you the amazing Frogfish and how [...]

Creature Feature: Marbled-Mouth Frogfish

Not too long ago we posted an interesting creature feature on the Pygmy Seahorse but [...]

Creature Feature – Bargibant’s Pygmy Seahorse

  Malapascua. Home to the world famous Thresher Shark dive. Divers from all over the [...]

The More the Merrier at The Craic House

It was supposed to start out like any other day: The alarm goes off at [...]

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