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Diving into the Future

Here at Evolution, we of course encourage everyone to explore the magical waters surrounding Malapascua. [...]

Big Congrats to Dannie!

Evolution, your favourite TDI Facility, is proud to now have two fulltime SDI/TDI Instructor trainers! [...]

In Loving Memory – a different look at MV Pioneer Cebu (Video)

As the winds of Typhoon Irma whipped in to a frenzy the crew and passengers [...]

Bounty Beach goes ‘The Full Monty’

Our humble apologies if you’ve followed a link here and this is not what you [...]

Life’s a Beach with Evolution

Evolution isn’t just everyone’s favourite award winning Eco friendly dive shop and resort, it’s also got the [...]

Viva Pit Senyor!

On March 16th, 1521 the Portuguese explorer and ‘flat earther’ nemesis Magellan sailed in to [...]

The Craic House’s Jik Jik talks Kinilaw

For those of you who have been here, then you know The Craic Dealers in [...]

Deck the Halls with Hotdogs and Marshmallows

Every December, Evolution hosts a Christmas party for the local children and this event is [...]

Are you up for the Irish Car Bomb challenge?

If you were to look around the Craic House restaurant you would notice a few [...]

Meet the Fleet: The Haldane Reigns!

As one of our two larger boats, The Haldane is a beauty to behold. Out [...]

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