Viva Pit Senyor!

sinulog festival cebu philippines

On March 16th, 1521 the Portuguese explorer and ‘flat earther’ nemesis Magellan sailed in to the centre of an archipelago and planted a cross on the shores of Cebu by which he claimed sovereignty for Spain of the nation now known as the Philippines.

Legend has it he presented an image of the baby they called Jesus to the local head honcho Rajah Humabon.  Fast forward a few centuries and religion, fiestas and colonialism are still celebrated on the streets of Cebu each year as a result (as well as a certain pride that local strongman Lapu-Lapu ultimately skewered Magellan with a poisoned bamboo stick, ending his gallivanting for good).

sinulog festival malaspascua philippines

Sinulog is the country’s largest fiesta and takes place each January, with up to two million people descending on Cebu City.  But here in the distant corners of the province we are not to be out done by city slickers.  Malapascua just had its own local Sinulog with dancers, Queens with crowns and queens without, and it was a riot of colour, noise and music.  It’s a community event and Evolution was proud to sponsor the eventual winner, Shein Tapi-on, our Queen of Indonacion, right here where Evolution is located.

sinulog festival malascua cebu philippines

“Viva Pit Senyor” is the catch phrase of Sinulog and may evoke a loud, beery toast to some Latin BBQ master but in fact it’s a representative melting pot of a phrase which uses a Spanish term of respect with a local word from the Visayan dialect – sangpit – meaning to call upon.  So rather than raise a glass to the guy who cooked your ribs its an invocation for Jesus to continue to shower us with good fortune.  Which can include slow cooked mesquite smoked ribs . . . just saying.

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