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Bounty Beach goes ‘The Full Monty’

Our humble apologies if you’ve followed a link here and this is not what you [...]

Life’s a Beach with Evolution

Evolution isn’t just everyone’s favourite award winning Eco friendly dive shop and resort, it’s also got the [...]

Viva Pit Senyor!

On March 16th, 1521 the Portuguese explorer and ‘flat earther’ nemesis Magellan sailed in to [...]

Bums in seats!

As you can see from the picture of our super happy staff and Divemaster trainees, [...]

Lets talk about the weather

Its monsoon season on Malapascua. Hang on isn’t it called Typhoon season? Or am I [...]

Beach clean up after Tropical Storm Urduja

The recent Tropical Storm Urduja has finally left the Philippines, but it spent a long [...]

Movember 2017 at Evolution

Once upon a time some men came up with an awesome idea= “Lets grow moustaches!”… [...]

International Coastal Cleanup Day 2017

Trash from land will be carried into the ocean with the wind. In the ocean [...]

Songs in the Key of Life

  The Philippines is famous for many good reasons – amazing beaches, amazing diving, amazing [...]

Earth Day 2017

Every year the 22nd of April is Earth day. This is a day where we [...]

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