International Coastal Cleanup Day 2017

international coastal cleanup day 2017

international coastal cleanup day evolution diving resort malapascua philippines

Trash from land will be carried into the ocean with the wind. In the ocean it will eventually wash up on land. This is a bad cycle. A cycle we do our best to break by removing the trash from both the ocean and land.

The 16th of September 2017 was International Coastal Clean Up Day.  A day where people all over the world can make an effort to join in and remove some of the trash polluting our precious coasts. Of course, this is something that we at Evolution are very passionate about.

In the morning we started with our famous Light House / Mandarin dive site and Los Bamboos; two of the most frequently visited dive sites. Sadly, these sites are also prone to trash drifting in from the mainland and the local villages. We sent 12 divers to cover the biggest possible area, and within just an hour they had collected 25kg of trash!

In the afternoon we joined the island beach clean up at Barrio beach. This beach as well as the dive sites, is also prone to rubbish being washed in from the mainland and the main village on our island. Our team of 25 people picked up trash from the north part of the beach, and had quickly filled more than 8 large rice sacks with trash!

With the help of locals, we aim to keep spreading the message to keep our beautiful island free of trash, and reduce the amount of non-recyclables such as plastic bags etc!

Today was a great effort,  and we’d like to give a big shout out to everyone who helped.

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